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HRC Visited Turkey for Deepening Hydropower Cooperation

   ---Following the successful conclusion of the Promotion Conference for Clean Energy in Macedonia, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director General of HRC, Mr. Xu Wei and Mr. Lin Ning, Deputy General Managers of Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co., Ltd. and Ms. Shen Xuequn visited the owners of hydropower stations which are under construction or have been completed by HRC in Turkey. HRC leaders and experts held meetings with some potential customers for hydropower. Commercial and technical subjects were further discussed and consensuses for cooperation have been reached which would facilitate the signing of contracts in near future.

   The implementations of hydropower projects undertaken by HRC in Turkey have been proven to be fully successful, thus achieving good reputation among these local customers. So far, many Turkish customers expressed their interests to cooperate with HRC. (2010-04-01)



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