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Director of HRC attended the UNIDO Workshop

   ---On May 25th, 2010 Shanghai Expo's "United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Week°™Workshop on Small Hydropower for Promoting Green Economy and Sustainable Development of Communities" was held in the UN pavilion of the Expo Park. Vice Minister of Water Resources Ministry, Mr Hu Siyi, Deputy Director General Mr Pu Yuanyi were present and delivered speeches.

   Mr. Tian Zhongxing, director of Hydropower & Rural Electrification Bureau of Water Resources Ministry attended this Workshop and gave a key-note speech on small hydropower's effect in controlling the global climate change and ecological civilization construction and proposed some new approaches on small hydropower development.

   Ms. Cheng Xialei, director of HRC attended the Workshop and answered questions put forward by representatives from both home and abroad on how Chinese small hydropower standards goes global so as to support exportation of Chinese SHP equipment.

   The representatives of UNIDO headquarters, China office of UNIDO, International Small Hydropower Association and some other international organizations as well as leaders of related bureaus of Water Resources Ministry, representatives of local governments and companies and experts in small hydropower attended this Workshop with the purpose of finding a way to develop environmentally friendly small hydropower. Some experts of international cooperation, science and technology division of HRC also took part in the discussions of the Workshop.(2010-06-12)



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