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Regular work meeting for the first half of 2010 held by HRC

   ---On July 30 2010, the regular work meeting for the first half of 2010 was held by HRC. All the leaders and division chiefs of HRC attended the meeting. Vice president of NHRI Mr. Chen Shengshui presented in the meeting and director of HRC Ms. Cheng Xialei presided over the meeting.

   Ms. Cheng Xialei summarized the work of the first half of the year on the basis of the reports of all divisions and made demands on the work of the second half of the year. She said that, in the last six months all the staff vigorously sticked to the spirit of "scientific, rigorous, realistic and innovative" and various areas of work in HRC have achieved gratifying results. In regard with scientific researches in particular we have finished inspection and acceptance of six projects and newly signed six projects; we undertook the compilation of Special Project for Efficiency Improvement and Capacity Enlargement for National Rural Hydropower and took part in the composition the textbook Construction and Operation of SHP Replacing Fuel Program for National SHP Replacing Fuel Training which is organized by Rural Hydropower & Electrification Bureau of Ministry of Water Resources, which is of great significance. With regard to technology industriesŁ¬we have been keeping with the market trend and actively explore domestic and foreign markets. As a result, the contract volume has increased comparing with the corresponding period of last year. HRC's ability to serve the government and the industry has been enhanced remarkably, and it has made a further progress in developing new products and technologies. Ms. Cheng Xialei put forward the requirements for the second half year, requiring all the divisions to maintain the good developing momentum of researches and production and to pay attention to talent introduction and cultivation to further enhance the quality of scientific researches and also process control. She also required all the divisions to augment planning management over projects and funds and to ensure safe production and safety management; Last but not least, she urged all the members to intensively carry out the activity of "Strive for Excellence", to uphold integrity and compatibility, and to concern about the living conditions and work of disadvantaged groups so as to ensure stability, harmony and sound and fast development of HRC.

   On behalf of the president of NHRI Mr. Zhang jianyun, vice president Mr. Chen Shengshui expressed his sincere regard for HRC's staff who worked in the high temperature. He granted full recognition to HRC's work of the first half year, and he urged HRC to seize the opportunity to expand domestic market share and expand foreign market access; at the same time to further enhance the scientific research and technological innovation abilities; and finally, HRC must strengthen the system build-up through team integration and consolidation and the expansion of new economic growth point so as to make new progress in our scientific researches and production.(2010-08-04)



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