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NHRI Delegation Inspected HRC

   ---On December 22, 2009, President of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute Mr ZHANG Jianyun, Vice-president Mr CHEN Shengshui inspected HRC.

   On behalf of the team of HRC leadership, Director CHENG Xialei reported the work that has been carried out this year by HRC and the future plan to President ZHANG and Vice-president CHEN, the rest of leaders' team supplemented some other information.

   After hearing the work report, President ZHANG highly evaluated HRC's achievements this year, and gave 4 suggestions for our future development: first, the main idea for HRC's overall development is to balance two sides, science research as fundamental, economic development as basic; second, enhance managerial skills, especially for the management of cadres, ensure the security of projects, finance and cadres; third, strengthen the cultivation of qualified personnel, create a good mechanism which gives talents opportunities to develop; fourth, reinforce the development of the team and improve their capacity.

   President ZHANG also gave some explanations on some concrete issues such as the construction of renewable energy bases, infrastructure funding gap, pension scheme, enrollment quota of graduate students, and adding a new plate of NHRI's Rural Electrification Institute etc. Meanwhile, he expressed that the NHRI will, as always, support HRC and will create a better environment for the future development.

   Vice-president CHEN also gave some concrete advises and recommendations on how to reinforce sector research, pay attention to project quality, focus on personnel development and management of cadres, etc. (2009-12-30)



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