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HRC held a summing-up meeting for the first half of 2009

   ---On the morning of August 3rd, HRC held a summing-up meeting for the first half of the year 2009. The meeting was presided over by Vice-director of HRC Xu Jincai. Leaders of all the sections made reports on the summary of work in the first half of 2009 and on the work plan for the next half of the year. Vice-director Huang Jianping and deputy secretary-general Xie Yimin made introductions to certificates updating, the security issues during the refurbishing period, and some issues of internal auditing and revision of regulations.

   After listening to the reports and the introductions, Director Cheng highly appreciated the achievements made by various business sections of HRC in the first half of 2009. She hoped that all the sections make more determined and persistent efforts so as to maintain the paralleled development of scientific research and profit generation.

   Afterwards, Director Cheng briefed the situation of the enlarged study program of the Central Group of NRHI Party Committee. She requested that all the section chiefs of HRC should, through taking into consideration the characteristics of every section, make decisions scientifically to avoid risks and earnestly think about how to overcome the bottleneck that a company encounters in its development, i.e. the reform of its system.

   Finally, Director Cheng deployed work for the next half of the year: First of all, we must vigorously make contributions to SHP industry so as to provide favorable conditions to solve HRC's positioning issue in a fundamental manner; secondly, we will pay attention to the balanced development of domestic and foreign markets and make substantive progress in the domain of new and clean energy, thus laying foundation to search for the economic growth point in the next stage; thirdly, much importance should be attached to capacity building and personnel cultivation. All the sections must put forward the existing problems and corresponsive measures on this regard according to its own business needs and report them to the leadership of HRC for discussion and solution; fourthly, the perfection of rules and regulations must be taken into account. Through strengthening the management and administration, we endeavor to guarantee the quality of our projects and the security of public property and staff members.

   In the end, Director Cheng requested that all the participating leaders of sections apply Scientific Outlook on Development in guiding their thoughts. Through concerted efforts of all the sections, we strive to ensure the comprehensive and sustainable development of HRC.

   All the chiefs of sections participated in the meeting.(2009-08-06)



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