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Thousand Miles Apart, One String Links: HRC Representatives Attended Sino-Turkey Wedding

   ---On March 20, 2011, at the invitation of Mr. Murat from Turkey, eight persons of HRC including the Director Ms. Cheng Xialei, Division Chiefs Mr. Pan Daqing and Mr. Li Zhiwu, General Manager and Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Yatai Hydro Equipment Completing Co. Ltd., Mr. Dong Dafu and Mr. Xu Wei, went to Ninghai, Ningbo City to attend the Sino-Turkey wedding of Mr. Murat from Turkey and his Chinese bride.

   Mr. Murat has participated in HRC's international training workshop for small hydropower technology in May, 2008. During that period, China underwent the most devastating, pervasive Wenchuan earthquake since 1949. Mr. Murat felt so sympathetic with Chinese people; together with other participants, he donated liberally to the victims of the earthquake. In a television interview, he said: "In 1999, my country Turkey also suffered a terrible earthquake. So I can fully understand the feelings of Chinese friends at this moment. We will always support you with our full strength." The concise and simple words showed his love and kindness for Chinese people.

   After returning to Turkey, Mr. Murat joined in Turkish Pic Energy Co. Ltd. which cooperates with HRC to expand small hydropower market in Turkey and to conduct construction projects. During the frequent business contacts, warm and friendly Chinese people, profound Chinese culture and graceful Chinese girls left him a deep impression and wonderful memory. Gradually, Mr. Murat desired to marry a beautiful Chinese girl. In a Hangzhou TV show named "Marriage Dialogue Leading to Marital Success", Mr. Murat fell in love with Ms. Dong from Ninghai at the first sight and finally got married. Their marriage fully exemplifies the old Chinese saying "Thousand Miles Apart, One String Links".

   On March 20, the streets in Ninghai County were in a bustling atmosphere. People were eager to see the traditional wedding with a Turkish bridegroom and a Chinese bride. As Mr. Murat's "family members" in China, HRC leaders and some staff members witnessed this memorable moment.

   Happiness, health and good luck to the newlyweds! Long live Sino-Turkey friendship! (2011-03-23)



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