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Muong Hum Hydropower Station in Viet Nam designed by HRC connected for power generation

   ---Muong Hum Hydropower Station in Viet Nam, designed by Zhejiang Zhongzhou Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design Co., Ltd. of HRC, wasconnectedfor power generation officially on 18th April 2011.

   Muong Hum Hydropower is located in Lao Cai Province in the northwest of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. The project is located on Muong Hum River, a left-bank branch of Aifahe River which is a first level tributary on the right bank of Red River. The dam site is located at east longitude 1034230and north latitude 223230, only 2km away from Muong Hum Town and connected with the powerhouse by a highway of 7 km. The power house is on the right bank of the downstream river course (Shun River), 3.6 km away from the dam site and located at east longitude 1034430and north latitude 223230, with a distance of 22 km from Bat Xat Town and 40 km from the capital of Lao Cai Province. The catchment area of the dam site is 347.1 km2 and the surface area of power house is 360.1 km2.

   Muong Hum Hydropower Station is a kind of Run-of-the-River hydropower plant. The hydraulic complex is composed of the concrete gravity dam (with a spillway, the maximum height of the dam: 30.5 m ), upper horizontal diversion section of the tunnel (length: 2527m), surge tank, vertical shaft, lower horizontal section of the tunnel, power house, sub-station of 110 kV etc. With designed head of 110m, two vertical Francis units and installed capacity of 216MW, the project has the main objective for generation. The reservoir is constructed with the normal capacity of 1.91 million m3,and a total volume of 2.14 million m3.

   The two transmission lines of the Muong Hum Hydropower Station are connected to No 2 Lao Cai 110 kV Transformer Station (length: 32 km) and NAMPHUN 110 kV Transformer Station (length: 5 km) respectively.

   Muong Hum Hydropower Station is a key project in Lao Cai Province, Vietnam. The successful grid-connected electricity generation of this project had effectively mitigated the power supply shortage situation in the north-western area of Viet Nam. (2011-12-27)




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