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HRC's Central Branch of CPC Committee Held Enlarged Meeting for Document Learning

   ---On March 18th, HRC's central branch of its CPC Committee held an enlarged meeting for document learning. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Secretary of HRC's CPC Committee Mr. Xie Yiming who read out the article on Qiushi Magazine "To Promote New Strides for Water Resources Reform and Development along the Modernization Course for Water Resources with Chinese Characteristics" which was composed by Minister of Water Resources of China Mr. Chen Lei.

   Director Cheng Xialei urged all the sectors of HRC to earnestly study No. 1 Document released by the State Council, accurately understand the essence of its content and practically carry it out. We should seize this opportunity to promote HRC's application for scientific research projects through many ways such as cooperation with other research institutes. Also, we must assist the Bureau of Rural Hydropower and Electrification Development of MWR in the implementation of this document. We must apply No. 1 Document in instructing various aspects of work of HRC, making more contributions to the reform and development of China's water resources industry and the national economy as a whole.

   Deputy Sectary Mr. Xie Yiming arranged the tasks of HRC's CPC Committee in 2011. He required all party branches of HRC's CPC Committee to formulate and report the plans of activities to be organized in 2011 and to implement the "Leader-assessment" on schedule for carrying out the "Excelling in the Performances" Activity.

   HRC leaders and all the division chiefs of HRC attended the meeting.(2011-03-23)



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