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HRC's SHP Training Programs in 2009
Name of the Training
2009 Training Workshop on Small Hydropower(to be held in English)
14 May °™24 Jun
From developing countries
Fellowships will be provided, including international airfares, boarding, lodging, local transportation in China, pocket money and etc. The interested applicants may contact, directly or through their governmental organization, the Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy for approval.
2009 Training Workshop on Small Hydropower for Africa (to be held in French)
15 Oct °™25 Nov
African francophone

Prospectus of
2009 Training Workshop on Small Hydropower

    "2009 Training Workshop on Small Hydropower" is to be held under the list of foreign aid by the Chinese government to developing countries. Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Research Institute for Rural Electrification (HRC) will undertake the mission.

    Established under the sponsorship of UNDP, UNIDO and the Chinese government in 1981, the National Research Institute for Rural Electrification (HRC) aims at promoting SHP development globally. China has most SHP stations around the world and has gained much experience in SHP development.

    In order to disseminate SHP technology, HRC has already hosted with success 51 training courses for about 1000 participants from over 100 countries.

    1. Objectives: To master basic theories of SHP development, site selection, feasibility study, SHP macro policies, serialization, standardization & selection of hydropower equipment, operation & maintenance, refurbishment, economic evaluation and etc.
    2. Date: From 14 May to 24 June 2009.
    3. Venue: National Research Institute for Rural Electrification£¨Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China.
    4. Course Contents: Procedures of SHP development, feasibility study, hydrology, civil works, financing SHP, turbo-generator, electric design, automation, economic evaluation, equipment selection, operation & maintenance, etc.
    5. Training Methods: Lectures, discussions, field trips & seminar.
    6. Language of Instruction English
    7. Methods for Evaluation
    The participants will be asked to have some tests & present country report at the end of the course.
    A certificate will be issued to the qualified participants.
    8. Participant's Qualifications and Requirements for Admission:
    a. Recommended by the governmental organizations concerned.
    b. The applicants should be under 50 years old.
    c. At least two years working experience in the electric power sector.
    d. Be in good health with no infectious diseases or handicapped.
    e. Be proficient to listen, speak, read and write in English.
    f. Prepare a review paper or report in both PPT and Word form on SHP development of the participants'country so as to exchange among the participants.
    g. Not to bring family members to the training course.
    h. To observe the laws, rules and regulations of P. R. China and respect the Chinese customs during the training.
    9. Training Expenses:
    The Chinese government will bear the international airfares, the expenses of training, boarding and lodging, local transportation, and pocket money of RMB 80 Yuan per person per day during the training period.
    10. Application and Admission:
    1) The applicants should be nominated by their governmental organizations. The nominated participants are requested to fill up the Participant's Information, and submit with valid Health Certificates provided by authorized physicians or hospitals to the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Chinese Embassy (ECCOCE) for examination, recommendation and endorsement;
    2) After checking by the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Chinese Embassy, Admission Notices will be issued to the accepted participants by the ECCOCE through the related government departments of the participants. With the Admission Notices, the participants are requested to go through all necessary formalities for entering China and bring all the documents like Admission Notice, Participant's Information, Health certificates to China on the registration date.

    11. Liaison Address:
    1. Economic and Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy (ECCOCE)
    2. Attn: Mr. Pan or Ms. Shen
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