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Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Developing Countries Starts in HRC

   ---On 30th May, the opening ceremony of "Training Workshop on SHP Technology for Developing Countries" ----- one of the Foreign-Aid Projects of Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), was held in the multi-functional hall of HRC. At this time in the sunny and picturesque Hangzhou, 38 officials or professionals from the fields of water resources, hydropower or other energies in 21 countries met together to celebrate the successful start of the training program. The participants present at the ceremony respectively came from Cambodia, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, Jordan, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritius, Mongolia, Nigeria, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand and Uganda. The other four participants from Kenya and Myanmar arrived at HRC on 1st June due to the flight schedule.

   Mr. Chen Dayong, Deputy Director General of Bureau of Rural Hydropower & Electrification Development, Ministry of Water Resource (MWR) came all the way from Beijing to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. On behalf of MWR, Mr Chen firstly extended the sincere regards to all the participants and wished a complete success for this training program. Then, Mr. Chen made a comprehensive overview in terms of the status quo, vision, technology, experiences and characteristics of SHP development in China, which would play a significant and instructional role in the study and exchange to be conducted by the participants in the training period of 42 days. Director of HRC, Ms. Cheng Xialei and Honorary Director of HRC, Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang also delivered their speeches respectively to warmly welcome all the participants to come to HRC ---- "A family of SHP in the world", and it was expected that the abundant and in-depth exchange on SHP technology and experience could be made based on this helpful platform offered by Chinese Government.

   The monitor, Mr. Benjiamin Mategeko addressed on behalf of all the participants. So far, many people have no access to electricity and live in the dark in the developing countries, especially in the least development countries ------ "Should we allow our people to endlessly die in such darkness?The answer of HRC and the governments which sent us here is equivocal 'NO'"------All the participants recognized that "the economic growth and energy consumption are tightly intertwined, the increase of access to electricity in developing countries is the urgency of now"------ They expressed "we would pledge to pay attention to every single detail of the classes they are taking at these classesˇ­ˇ­ to reduce poverty and promote a modern standard of living of our people by making the maximum use of rivers our countries are blessed with, to increase the needed access to electricity"

   The participants extended their thanks to the Chinese government, their respective governments and HRC for having them here, and they promised to "give the best of ourselves to make sure that the investment you have put in us is maximally productive and beneficial to the beneficiariesˇ­ our people." ------ The cordiality was so impressive and all HRC staff would spare no effort to ensure a fruitful result from the training program and we sincerely hope that all of our participants would enjoy their happy stay in China. (2011-06-03)



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