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A Red Journey to Mt. Jinggangshan Organized by NRIRE Committee of CPC

   ---In order to further consolidate the fruit of Studying and Practicing Scientific Outlook on Development, all the Party members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in National Research Institute for Rural Electrification (NRIRE), division chiefs and activists who'd like to join the Party participated in the Red Journey to Mt. Jinggangshan from July 9 to 12, 2009. Through retracing the route of Red Army, recherishing the revolutionists' passion and receiving education on revolutionary traditions, all the participants well benefitted. While enjoying the beautiful sceneries of Mt. Jinggangshan, all the participants took this opportunity to retrospect on the history of struggles for Chinese revolution.

   Mt. Jinggangshan is situated in the middle section of Luoxiao Mountain Range neighboring Hunan Province in southeastern Jiangxi Province. In 1927, late Chairman Mao Zedong established the first Rural Revolutionary Base. Since then, the sprout of revolution in China had grown strong and sturdy, thus Mt. Jinggangshan has been renowned as the "cradle of revolution". This land of wonders had nourished such outstanding figures as Mao Zedong and Zhu De and had set up foundations for the success of Chinese revolution.

   During the Red Journey to Mt. Jinggangshan, the participants visited the former site of China Red Army Hospital , Jinggangshan Revolution Museum, Red Army Mint, Mao Zedong's old residence, and Huangyangjie Pass of Battle-Field where the Red Army had a glorious triumph over KMT troops. With great reverence, they also visited Revolutionary Martyr's Cemetery which has inspired generations of Chinese to forge ahead for the bright future of China. In front of the Memorial Monument to the Revolutionist Martyrs in the cemetery, the new Party members solemnly took the oath for joining in the Party; the old Party members availed themselves of this opportunity to review the oath. In Mt. Jinggangshan, they were not only appealed by the bewitching natural scenery, but also fascinated by the lofty passion and heroic behaviors of the Red Army soldiers who, for their firm belief of revolution, fought against the enemies with all their might.

   Through the Red Journey to Mt. Jinggangshan, the participants realized that Jinggangshan Spirit is not only a powerful weapon of ideology which had defeated the enemies and led to success in the days of wars and revolution, but also significant wealth of spirit for us to build a harmonious socialist society in the new period. They made up their minds that they will cherish today's good life which is hard-earned and carry forward the revolutionary spirit and fine traditions which they gained through this journey to their work and study in the future. Besides all these, this Red Journey also promotes the exchange and communication among the staffs of different divisions, thus enhancing the unity and strength of NRIRE.(2009-07-17)



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