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Sports Meeting Held in Honor of the 30th Anniversary of HRC

   ---On 9th December, the sports meeting in honor of the 30th Anniversary of HRC was held at the ground track field in Xixi Campus of Zhejiang University. Director Ms. Cheng Xialei and deputy director Mr. Huang Jianping were present at the meeting, and the deputy secretary Mr. Xie Yimin presided over the opening ceremony.

   At 13:00, the opening ceremony began, at which, Director Cheng delivered a speech. She said: "It has proved that during the course of establishment, innovation and development of HRC for 30 years, healthy bodies of staff are the foundation for hard work and great achievements. Carrying out sport activities to enhance physical fitness and enrich life style of staff has always been attached great importance by HRC. Sports can foster good will and moral character as well as strong perseverance; attending or watching sport games can deepen understanding, enhance friendship and promote harmony and development of institution". In conclusion, on behalf of HRC, Ms. Cheng expressed the heartfelt thanks to all the athletes, referees and working staff for their joint efforts.

   Following the oaths of athletes and referees, the matches started formally. All the athletes played the games with full passion and fighting spirit. Vigorous postures and strong perseverance brought out good competition level, good friendship and good style. The whole playground was full of cheers and applauses. The referees and work staff stuck to their posts and made fair judgments. All the games proceeded smoothly.

   On 14th, Badminton Match was held at Yellow Dragon Stadium and on 15th-16th, Table tennis Match was held at the Staff Entertainment Room of HRC.

   In the sport meeting, totally 92 players participated in 11 games, such as 4 x 50 meters relay race, set shot, standing broad jump, walking race, tug-of-war, rope skipping, badminton match, football and table tennis match, etc. (2011-12-26)




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