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Debriefing Report Conference of Division Chiefs Held in HRC

   ---On the morning of 18th January, 2011, Debriefing Report Conference of Division Chiefs was held in HRC. 22 participants including HRC leaders, middle-ranking officials, the delegates of Communist Youth League, Trade Union and Women attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Director Ms. Cheng Xialei.

   At the meeting, Division Chiefs reported the work they had conducted over the past year, summarized achievements, uncovered existing problems, put forward improvement measures, as well as made clear the working guideline in the next step.

   After listening to the working reports, Director Ms. Cheng Xialei granted full recognition to the work of various divisions. On behalf of the leading group of NRIRE(HRC), Ms. Cheng Xialei expressed gratitude to division chiefs and other HRC staff members for their hard work, and she. drew the following conclusions: 1.All divisions had made concerted effort to complete the operation target made at the beginning of the year. 2. Divisions had attached great importance to the qualification construction; qualification maintenance is in an urgent need. 3. Divisions had strengthened the management work, established and optimized the regulations. 4. Without too much consideration of rewards, all divisions took active part in the standard compilation, conference and training workshop, and made contribution to enhancing HRC's influence and status in its field.

   With regard to 2011 working plan, Director Ms. Cheng Xialei said that with the already formed team spirit, HRC staff would make joint efforts for division development with everyone vigorously putting forward suggestions for HRC's future development, and all the staff members are greatly inspired by the better cooperation among divisions.

   At the end of the meeting, participants filled in the evaluation form earnestly, and carried out democratic appraisal on eight division chiefs and ten administrative staff members., and voted in the advanced groups.(2011-01-28)



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