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Popularization and Application of New-type Operator of Rural SHP Station Successfully Pass the Acceptance

   ---On March 25th, 2011, Popularization and Application of New-type Operator of Rural SHP Station¡ªa project with "Agricultural Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Fund", which was undertaken by HRC, successfully passed the acceptance organized by Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology of MWR. The Acceptance Meeting was held in Hangzhou.

   After inspection, the expert team stated their opinion: on the basis of existing achievements, the project undertaker has carried out the technical upgrading of the high-pressure nitrogen-gas-tank energy-storage hydraulic operator of water turbine, combining with technology and equipment characteristics of Chinese SHP, so that the operator can be equipped with the two-stage shut-off function which is fast at first and then slow down, increasing the operation safety and reliability of the unit. The new-type operator with simple operation, stable performance and easy maintenance can be used with automatic control system of rural SHP station. The tasks and technical and economic targets under the contract have been fully completed with favorable economic, social and ecological benefits, which illustrate a promising prospect in popularization and application.

   By the end of 2010, the new-type operator of rural SHP station has been popularized and applied in more than 20 hydropower stations in China.(2011-04-06)



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