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HRC organized an investigation and research visit to IN-SHP

   ---On August 4th 2009, director Cheng Xialei, vice-director Xu Jincai and Huang Jianping, deputy secretary-general Xie Yiming, as well as chiefs of HRC Secretariat, Administrative Office, New Technology R&D Division for Medium & Small Hydro, Planning & Design Institute for Medium & Small Hydro, Yatai Construction Supervision Consultation Co. Ltd and Editorial Office of SHP, visited the International Network on Small Hydro Power (IN-SHP) for investigation and research with the theme of Increasing mutual cooperation, seeking common development. Director of IN-SHP Liu Heng, vice director Liu Deyou and other satff concerned participated in the symposium.

    Director Liu briefed the history of development of IN-SHP, its recent activities and the opportunities and challenges it faced as well as the orientation for development and the focus of work in the future. He hoped that with the principle of Enhancing communication to ensure comprehensive cooperation, complementing each other to achieve win-win result, the IN-SHP would work together with HRC to promote the technologies and experience of SHP in China to other developing countries.

   On behalf of HRC, director Cheng Xialei expressed her gratitude for the gracious reception and thoughtful arrangements of the IN-SHP. After introducing the general information of HRC, she said, the two organizations shared strong complementarities: the IN-SHP boasted its international channels and HRC boasted its advantageous expertise; as long as the advantages of both organizations could be brought into full play, the win-win result is bound to be achieved. Director Cheng also proposed some concrete domains and items for cooperation.

   Vice director Liu Deyou of IN-SHP, vice directors of HRC Xu Jincai and Huang Jianping expressed the willingness to reinforce communication and cooperation in the symposium.(2009-08-10)



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