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HRC's "Digital Electric Leakage Protection Technology" was bestowed Second Prize of 2010 Dayu Water Resources Scientific and Technology Awards by MWR

   ---Approved by the Awarding Committee of Dayu Water Resources Scientific and Technology Awards, HRC's "Digital Electric Leakage Protection Technology" was bestowed second prize of 2010 Dayu Water Resources Science and Technology Awards by MWR.

   The project is conducted with the aim of solving the problem of a low level of electric leakage protection technology. In regard of soft technology, the knowledge of the variation rules of leakage currents remained at perceptual stage, lacking scientific basis; the rated operating currents of leakage protection and the set value of operating time are roughly categorized with wide dead zones. In regard of hardware technology, problems derived from the application of analog electronic circuit which bore few functions and big error values. The main research achievements include: setting up mathematic model for electric leakage protection which is suitable for China's rural grid, on the basis of scientific analyzes of the distribution rule of electric leakage currents in rural grid; putting forward more scientific and reasonable set values of rated operating currents and operating time of electric leakage protection which have greatly enhanced the sensitivity and security; developing specialized integrated circuit chip for digital leakage protector which has significantly improved the performance of the leakage protector; revising Specifications for Installation and Operation of Protector against Electric Leakage in Rural Areas(SD21987) based on the latest research achievements. The promulgation and implementation of the new specification plays a magnificent role in guiding the installation and operation of the protector against electric leakage in rural network.(2010-11-03)



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