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South African Participant visited HRC

   ---On September 1, HRC's participant Mr Ilyas Omar, who is also a teacher of Cape Peninsular University of Technology South African, paid a visit to HRC after he attended an international symposium in South Korea. Director Cheng Xialei, vice-director Huang Jianping, deputy chief engineer Lin Xuxin, chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Pan Daqing, vice chief of New-Tech R&D Center for M/S Hydropower Lin Ning and Xu Wei received him and held a practical talk and discussion over SHP cooperation. Mr. Ilyas Omar firstly introduced the current situation, problems and prospect of SHP industry in South Africa. As thermal power constitutes a great part in energy structure, South African government would pay more attention to the development of clean energies like hydropower. After listening to the introduction of HRC, Mr. Ilyas Omar expressed his aspiration to cooperate with HRC to develop SHP in South Africa. He promised that he would collect materials for the potential SHP sites and he would select two sites for SHP demonstration stations which would be jointly developedt by South Africa and HRC.

   On the next day, Mr. Ilyas Omar visited 3-cascade SHP stations in Anji, Huzhou City with keen interest.

   Mr. Ilyas Omar was a former participant of HRC. He participated in the 2000 International Training Workshop on SHP held by HRC and after that he recommended two of his students to attend HRC's SHP training workshop. Right now they are working as a bridge to facilitate the cooperation between China and South Africa. (2009-09-07)



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