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World Bank Project "Researches on the Refurbishment Technology of Zhejiang SHP Stations" Undertaken by HRC Passed the Acceptance

   ---On May 18, 2011, China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP) "Researches on the Refurbishment Technology of Zhejiang Small Hydropower Stations" undertaken by HRC passed the acceptance organized by Zhejiang Hydropower Management Center, and the representatives from CRESP office attended the acceptance meeting.

   The project team completed three reports, including the Analysis Report on Operation Status of Hydropower Stations over 20 Years, the General Decision-making Model for the Refurbishment of Zhejiang Hydropower Stations, and the Technical Research Report on Hydropower Stations Refurbishment, the research achievements of which will efficiently promote and guide the refurbishment of Zhejiang hydropower stations in the next stage.(2011-05-26)



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