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Director Cheng Xialei Was Bestowed "Silver Award for China Foreign Aid Dedication" by MOFCOM

   ---New China's Aid to Foreign Countries has gone through a glorious course of 60 years. During the last 60 years, generations of foreign aid staff bravely and unselfishly made outstanding contributions to the cultivation of friendship between the Chinese people and the people of recipient countries, and the promotion of solidarity and cooperation with other developing countries. In order to carry forward the dedication of the older generation of foreign aid staff and inspire new foreign aid staff to carry on the past tradition and open a way for future, and to promote the scientific development of our foreign aid mission, the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) decided to commend 499 gold winners and 826 silver winners of "Award for China Foreign Aid Dedication".

   Director of HRC, Ms. Cheng Xialei is the only one nominated from Ministry of Water Resources to receive such an honor, which also signified a full recognition and high evaluation on HRC's remarkable contribution to Foreign Aid Training over the years.

   Since its establishment in 1981, HRC has successfully hosted 57 international training workshops and training courses entrusted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Science & Technology, UNDP, UNIDO, FAO, ILO and etc. Totally 1142 officials and professionals from the fields of hydropower and other energies of over 100 countries have participated in the training. The abundant teaching contents cover SHP planning, hydrology, feasibility studies, low-cost SHP civil works, SHP equipment selection, automatic controlling equipment, operation and maintenance of SHP plants, economic assessment, SHP development and environment, investment and financing in SHP development, micro hydropower and containerized units, turbine pumps and other topics. The training programs were much welcomed and highly praised by the developing countries because of the remarkable effects. Over the years HRC has been affectionately referred to as: "The Family of Small Hydropower in the World" by international participants.

   The contribution of HRC to foreign aid training was not only highly praised as "the Model of South-South Cooperation" by the Ministry of Commerce, but also was widely recognized by the world communities. In a speech delivered at Zhejiang University on Oct. 14, 2002, the former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan pointed out "Right here in Hangzhou, China, you have made use of the Regional Center where you share your valuable rich experience in the field of renewable energy with those from numerous developing countries in the world. China is playing a pioneering role in the regional technical cooperation with other developing countries. You developed a lot of cooperative projects not only in foreign counties, but also you have generously implemented training workshops for those from other developing countries."

   Through the implementation of foreign aid training courses, HRC, on one hand, extensively introduces the technology and experience of SHP development in China, cultivates SHP talents for developing countries, so as to improve their capacities in SHP construction and stimulate the booming of the clean energy SHP and other renewable energies, and at the same time continually deepens the friendship between China and the recipient countries. On the other hand, HRC actively prompts international economic cooperation based on the in-depth exchange of SHP technology and experience, and further promotes the export of Chinese hydropower equipment.

   HRC's foreign aid staff will inherit and carry on the fine traditions of China's aid to foreign countries, forge ahead in a pioneering spirit, work hard and earnestly, and make every effort to open up a new prospect of our foreign aid work. (2010-08-30)



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