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2008 HRC's Annual Meeting Held

   ---On Jan., 15th, leaders from NHRI, Director Zhang Jianyun, deputy director Sun Jinhua, Li Yun, deputy Party committee secretary Lin Xiaobin as well as division chiefs of NHRI attended the 2008 HRC's annual meeting. All the working staff of HRC and some retired staff were also among the participants. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Chen Shengshui, director of HRC.

   Ms. Cheng Xialei, executive deputy director of HRC delivered the annual report of 2008 and working plan for 2009. In addition,other leaders of HRC respectively gave a working report of 2008.

   Then, deputy Party committee secretary of NHRI Lin Xiaobin talked about the assessment of leaders and clean governance building.

   Mr. Zhang Jianyun gave an important speech after listening to the reports of HRC leaders. He descried his feelings with three words, namely "excited", "inspired" and "congratulations". He pointed out that the glorious achievements HRC scored in 2008 are possessed of four distinctive characteristics. Firstly, the contract volume increased by 3.5 folds, especially in international trade; secondly, research projects for public benefits scored unprecedented breakthrough; thirdly, the role of industry service and technical support was fully displayed; fourthly, great progress was made in international training, logistics and civilization building. On behalf of NHRI, director Zhang Jianyun expressed his satisfaction with HRC leaders' work and extended his congratulations on the achievements and greetings to all the working staff of HRC.

   In addition, director Zhang Jianyun proposed six suggestions for HRC's work in 2009. Firstly, spare a thought on the long-term, scientific and sustainable development of HRC. Stay moderate in face of achievements and good situation. Try to find out the weakness, such as general quality, small quantity of papers and lack of lead researchers. Secondly, make every effort for the research projects, especially those for public benefits and try to guarantee the quality. Besides, make plans for projects during the "Twelfth Five-year Plan" period as early as possible and strengthen the basic research. Thirdly, pay attention to the balanced development. Importance should be equally attached to the expanded international business and R & D, especially those major research projects. Fourthly, grasp the opportunity and speed up development. Fifthly, put importance to capacity building. Efforts should be made to the application of rural hydropower engineering and technical center, the preparation of renewable energy base construction as well as apply for more qualification certificates. Sixthly, strengthen leaders' responsibility system and all the division chiefs and working staff should be in a concerted effort to create good working condition and push forward the progress of our work.

   The important speech delivered by director Zhang Jianyun spoke highly of our work in the past year and clearly pointed out the existing problems and the key issues constraining the scientific and sustainable development of HRC. Meanwhile, it put forward concrete and distinct requirements for our work in 2009.

   Mr. Sun Jinhua and Mr. Li Yun, deputy director of NHRI and Mr. Lin Xiaobin, deputy Party committee secretary of NHRI respectively gave passionate speeches at the meeting.

   Model divisions and individuals of HRC were awarded for their excellent performance in 2008.(2009-01-20)



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