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2009 HRC Spring Festival Party Held

   ---On the night of Jan., 15th , 2009 HRC Spring Festival party was held in Ruidi Hotel which was enveloped by the thick festive ambience. Leaders from NHRI, including Director Zhang Jianyun, deputy director Sun Jinhua, Li Yun, deputy secretary Lin Xiaobin, chiefs of some division of NHRI and all the working staff of HRC got together to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival. The party is immersed in a happy, festive and relaxing atmosphere from beginning to end. All the leaders and working staff expressed their common wish of a better and more promising future for HRC. The party was presided over by Mr. Chen Shengshui, director of HRC.
   Mr. Zhang Jianyun, director of NHRI, addressed at the party and extended his best wishes to all the working staff of HRC. He wished all the people present a happy new year and good health.
   At the Spring Festival party, fantastic performances were presented by both working staff and leaders.(2009-01-20)



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