Selected photos of HRC's international cooperation --- International S&T Cooperation
Conclusion Meeting of the First Training under "China-Pakistan Joint R & D Center on Key Technologies of SHP and Rural Electrification"  [2019-7-23]
Evaluation on the Training for Pakistani Engineers under "China-Pakistan Joint R & D Center on Key Technologies of SHP and Rural Electrification"[2019-7-9]
  China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower Accredited as the "Belt and Road" Joint Laboratory by the MOST of China [2019-6-21]
  PCRET's Visit for Promoting the Cooperation under the "Belt and Road" Joint Laboratory [2019-6-21]
  International Symposium on Greening and Upgrading Small Hydropower for Eco-environment Restoration Held in Lishui with Success [2019-5-17]
  Institute for Hydropower and Renewable Energy in Vietnam Visited HRC for Implementing the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Fund Project [2019-3-25]
  HRC Visited The Philippines and Indonesia for Implementing The China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Fund Project [2019-3-22]
  HRC and Hohai University Jointly Established a Practice Base for International Students [2018-10-12]
  Extensive cooperation on SHP & RE between HRC and African countries [2018-9-11]
  Director General of HRC Visited Rwanda and Ethiopia to Enhance Cooperation on Clean Energy and Rural Electrification [2018-9-7]
  HRC Visited Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya for Promoting Sino-African Cooperation [2018-5-31]
  HRC Delivered Presentations on Hydropower and Dam Safety in Laos [2018-4-3]
  HRC Delegation Visited Laos and Indonesia for Enhancing Cooperation with ASEAN [2017-12-12]
  The Cooperative Project of S&T Innovation of Zhejiang Province for the Belt and Road Country (Indonesia) is Progressing [2017-6-7]
  HRC Set UP the "Technical Transfer, Research and Training Center on Clean Energy and Rural Electrification for Africa" in Ethiopia [2017-5-16]
  "Seminar on Hydropower Development Planning for South Asian Countries" concluded [2017-4-25]
  2017 Seminar on Hydropower Development Planning for South Asian Countries Inaugurated in Kathmandu [2017-4-6]
  Vice Minister of Energy and Mines of Lao PDR Visited HRC [2016-10-24]
  Advisor to President of Cote d'Ivoire Visited HRC [2016-5-6]


A Meeting with All the Old Trainees in Rwanda Arranged [2015-8-17]
Ms.Cheng Xialei Visited Minister of State in charge of Energy and Water, Ministry of Infrastructure of Rwanda[2015-8-17]
HRC Cooperates with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of USA for the Decentralized& ComplementaryPower-supply Technology [2015-4-2]
NEA Delegates Visited HRC [2015-3-20]
Delegation of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd. visited HRC [2015-3-20]
Mexican Guests Visited HRC [2014-11-24]
Three Ministers from Uganda Visited HRC [2014-11-24]
Nepalese Trainees Visited HRC for SHP Cooperation [2014-5-8]
HRC Delegation Visited Kenya for SHP Cooperation [2014-4-21]
Achievements Scored for China-Vietnam Long-term Cooperation on Science and Technology [2013-12-26]
HRC Delegation Visited Pakistan for Cooperation and Exchange on Renewable Energy Technology [2013-12-26]
Representatives of TANA and IWPC of Iran Visited HRC [2013-7-23]

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