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Seminar on "the Status Quo and Demand Analysis of Small Hydropower Technical Standards" Held Successfully by HRC

---The first seminar for "China-Pakistan Joint Research on SHP Technology", one of the Projects of Strategic Sci.-tech. Innovation Cooperation under the National Key R&D Program of China, was held successfully in Hangzhou on 10th May, 2021. This seminar focused on the status quo and demand analysis of small hydropower technical standards. It was organised jointly by HRC, Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies, and Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority. The seminar was launched online and on-site simultaneously. The online participants were experts and scholars from over nineteen countries and regions including Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zambia. All the project team members and senior engineers from HRC had attended the seminar on-site.

Dr. Iqbal Hussain, Director of Hydro of Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies, made an opening remarks at the beginning of the seminar. Later, the seminar had Mr. Meng Ke, Ms. Zhou Lina, and Dr. Cui Zhenhua, all of whom are senior engineers from HRC, to present presentations on relevant topics. Also, the seminar invited Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Palari, the Deputy Director of Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority, Mr. Roshan Pandey, the Chief of Small Hydropower Program at Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, and Mr. Adan Mangal, an Energy Efficiency Expert of Afghan National Standard Authority, to give presentations respectively. Finally, Mr. Dong Dafu, the Deputy Director of HRC, drew a brief conclusion at the closing ceremony.

Through the exchange and discussion upon the standards of small hydropower technology, this seminar could further promote multilateral cooperation in terms of small hydropower technology, projects development, plant operation & maintenance among developing countries. Moreover, small hydropower, being a clean renewable energy, has its advantages to be fully exploited in the fields of energy conservation and emission reduction, which can have huge contribution to curbing the global climate change. (2021-05-18)


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