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Online Cooperation Exchange Held with Former Training Participants

---On June 15, 2020, HRC held the first online cooperation and exchange conference with former participants of foreign-aid training. Five representatives respectively from Ministry of Mines and Energy of Cambodia, PROCLEAN General Construction and Energy Consultancy and Development Company of the Philippines, Brawijaya University of Indonesia, Ministry of Energy and Mines of Laos, attended the conference. Online exchanges of multilateral & bilateral cooperation was focused on the progress of ongoing China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation Fund and the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Special Fund projects, and the concerned parties reached consensus about the follow-up plan so as to promote smooth implementation of the projects.

Dr. Xu Jincai, Director General of HRC, attended the online conference and had extensive communication with representatives. This was the first time that HRC adopted this innovative mode for international cooperation, and more will come since these online cooperative activities can ease the impact of pandemic and make steady progress in the implementation of international cooperation projects.(2020-06-19)


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