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The comprehensive assessment of consultation results for rural hydropower green development in five counties of Lishui City passed the expert review

---In September 13-14, 17, 2018, the comprehensive evaluation for consulting project of the green development for rural hydropower in the five counties such as Suichang County, Songyang County, Jinyun County, Yunhe County and Jingning County of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, which was presided and completed by HRC, passed the expert review organized by the people's governments of each county in Hangzhou.

The participating experts highly praised the consultation results of the five counties in Lishui City. They expressed that the assessment report objectively reflected the important role played by rural hydropower in the county on local economic and social development, greenhouse gas emission reduction and environmental protection, and carefully analyzed the current problems in the ecological environment caused by the rural hydropower development in the county, comprehensively assessed the classification of rural hydropower stations in the counties, and put forward the recommendations by classification, with strong pertinence and operability.

On the basis of comprehensive evaluation, HRC will continue to cooperate with all relevant departments to carry out the implementation plan of "one-station, one-strategy" for rural green hydropower development in rural areas and the compilation of rural hydropower green development planning.

HRC's deputy directors Huang Jianping and Dong Dafu, vice chief-engineers Lin Xuxin and Shi Rongqing, and members of various project teams attended the review meeting.

At present, the comprehensive assessment of rural hydropower green development in Qingyuan County has also been completed and is ready for acceptance. So far, HRC has completed on-site investigation and comprehensive evaluation of 609 small hydropower stations in 7 counties (cities) of Lishui City. That is HRC's another practice and test of turning the technical achievements into the scaled application to other six counties in Lishui City on the basis of the comprehensive assessment of 107 small hydropower stations in Longquan City in May this year.

Lishui City is a large hydropower city in Zhejiang Province. At present, there are 776 rural hydropower stations actually operating in the city, with a total installed capacity of 1.54 million kW, representing 1/4 of numbers in Zhejiang Province and 1/3 of the installed capacity of Zhejiang Province.

Lishui is an important cradle of the idea of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". During his working period in Zhejiang Province, the General Secretary came to Lishui eight times and sent encouraging messages "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and it is especially true for Lishui", "Ambition does not seek easy, but will challenge the difficulty" and so on. On April 26 this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping, in the in-depth promotion of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development Symposium, fully affirmed and the "praised Lishui" for its 15 years of deep practice of the "eight-advantages & eigh-measures strategy", 12 years of remembering the important entrustment of "especially true", exploring and practicing the conversion of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that: Lishui City of Zhejiang Province has adhered to the green development road for many years, and unswervingly protected the 'Golden Rice Bowl' of lucid waters and lush mountains, and strived to transform the value of ecological products contained in lucid waters and lush mountains into invaluable assets. The quality of ecological environment, the index of progress process and the income growth of the farmers have all ranked the first in the province for many years, achieving the coordinated advancement of building ecological civilization, poverty alleviation and the revitalization of towns and villages.(2018-10-29)



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