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2018 Seminar on Water Resources Management and Small Hydropower Development for Uzbekistan Inaugurated in HRC Successfully

---Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce of China and organized by HRC, 2018 Seminar on Water Resources Management and Small Hydropower Development for Uzbekistan was inaugurated in HRC on September 17th, 2018. 20 officials from Uzbekistan Water and Energy Co., Ltd. came to attend the 2-week seminar. The seminar is the 105th one undertaken by HRC. The working language is Russian. Mr. Xu Jincai, Director General of HRC presented at the opening and delivered a speech.

Mr. Xu said, "Water is the basis of survival, the source of civilization and the foundation of ecology. At all times and in all countries, promoting water conservancy and eliminating water disaster have always been the major events. For both China and Uzbekistan, this seminar is a platform for in-deep discussion, extensive exchange, strengthening cooperation, and promoting the technical progress of water resources and medium & small hydropower. It will lay a solid foundation for our future cooperation in water management and hydropower development." It is believed the seminar will effectively promote the cooperation between the two countries.

During the seminar, presentations on different topics will be delivered, including China in brief, integrated management of water resources, impact of climate change on water resources and applied strategy, medium and small hydropower equipment, case study on overseas hydropower cooperation, small hydropower and rural electrification in China, overview of China’s renewable energy, SCADA system, etc. Besides, participants will visit Three Gorges Hydropower Station, the world’s largest, and Shanghai, the economic powerhouse of China and so on.(2018-09-20)



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