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The Key State-level Project for International Cooperation Undertaken by HRC Progressing Smoothly

---To accelerate the progress of "China-Pakistan Joint Research & Development Center on Key Technology of Small Hydropower and Rural Electrification", a key state-level project for international cooperation undertaken by HRC, a delegate was dispatched by HRC from May 15th to 19th, 2018 to Nepal to help select the demonstrative site and collect data, and the delegate paid a courtesy call to H.E. Dr. Barsaman Pun, Minister of Energy of Nepal for enhancing the cooperation in the field of hydropower development.

On the afternoon of June, a liaison meeting was carried out to discuss about the implementation of "China-Pakistan Joint Research & Development Center on Key Technology of Small Hydropower and Rural Electrification". Participants of the meeting included 10 officials and experts respectively from Nepal such as Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation of Nepal, and Sri Lanka including Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management, Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Fisheries, Environmental Affairs and Electricity, National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka as well as the project team from HRC. Three parties had an intensive discussion about the concrete procedures of project implementation and reached agreement about establishment of demonstrative sites, setting-up of a database for small hydropower and rural electrification in South Asia and trainings for more than 50 engineers in the related field. Besides, three parties singed the Minutes of Meeting, which was also circulated to other partners for a review.

"China-Pakistan Joint Research & Development Center on Key Technology of Small Hydropower and Rural Electrification" is to be based in Pakistan and open to the whole South Asia. The project aim to apply and popularize China's advanced technology and proven equipment of small hydropower and rural electrification in Pakistan and other South Asian countries by means of joint research, equipment fabrication, project demonstration, technology transfer, standard compilation, personnel training and team building, thus establishing a regional platform of scientific innovation, exchange and cooperation in an open, sharing, mutually beneficial way, which will finally promote the technology transfer and capacity cooperation, and improve the local people's livelihood and intensify the diplomatic relations of South Asian countries. (2018-06-14)

Discussion about Tara Khola Demonstrative Project

Meeting with Partners from Sri Lanka and Nepal



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