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The Rwandan Ambassador to China Visited HRC

---On May 31, 2018, Rwanda's ambassador to China, Charles Kayonga, and Samuel Abikunda, the commercial commissioner of the Rwanda Embassy in China, visited HRC. Director-General Xu Jincai gave a briefing to HRC and elaborated on the foreign aid training, international cooperation, and technology export conducted with African countries such as Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kenya in recent years.

Ambassador Kayonga and his delegation expressed their appreciation for the work and achievements of HRC in Rwanda, especially for the successful holding of overseas training and seminars in Rwanda for three consecutive years. Rwanda is located in the middle and eastern part of Africa. It has a superior geographic location, strong influencing function and great demand for agricultural production. Ambassador Kayonga put forward specific needs in establishing a joint training and research center and using renewable energy to tackle the local rural electrification and infrastructure demand. Through further exchanges, the two sides sorted out relevant cooperation agreements and project proposals and sought the support of both governments.

HRC's scientific research management section, R&D center and its commercial and trade section and other relevant personnel participated in the discussion. (2018-06-06)



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