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Guests from Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Visited HRC

---On November 1, 2017, a 2-person delegation headed by Dr. Suresh Kumar Dhungel, the Chief of Faculty of Technology of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (briefed as NAST) visited HRC. NAST is an important research institute under the leadership of Nepalese Prime Minister to promote the technical advancement in the nation. A MoU is signed between NAST and HRC during the "Seminar on Hydropower Development Planning for South Asian Countries" in Kathmandu this March, which kicked off the bilateral cooperation on capacity-building, joint research and project demonstration etc.

At the meeting, Prof. Xu Jincai, the Director General of HRC briefed the international cooperation activities of HRC under the "Belt and Road" initiative, and hoped to establish a regional center on small hydropower and rural electrification for South Asian countries on the basis of the built "China-Pakistan Joint Research Center for Small Hydropower Technology" in Pakistan to further promote research & development of key technology, and achieve the technology transfer as well.

Both sides discussed the follow-up work in capacity building, such as trainings, joint R&D and project demonstration etc. and planned to carry out more joint researches and trainings in the fields of hydropower, biomass energy, solar power, wind power and other renewable energies. Furthermore, both sides will seek more supports from governments to facilitate technical progress and accelerate the development of renewable energy for all South Asian countries. (2017-11-20)



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