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The Cooperative Project of S&T Innovation of Zhejiang Province for the Belt and Road Country (Indonesia) is Progressing

---During May 8-15, 2017£¨Mr. Krisna Sulistya Samsuri and other 4 engineers from PT PLN (Persero) Pusat Pemeliharaan Ketenagalistrikan (PLN Pusharlis), Indonesia visited HRC for cooperation on the project of Scientific & Technical Innovation of Zhejiang Province for the Belt and Road Country called "Joint Research Center of Rural Electrification Based on Hydropower".

The project of "Joint Research Center of Rural Electrification Based on Hydropower" in Indonesia was financed by the Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province for promoting the scientific & technical innovation in Zhejiang, inside which HRC will cooperate with PLN Pusharlis and R&D Center for Electricity and New-renewable Energy Technology, Ministry of Energy of Indonesia to set up a joint research center for undertaking R+D on rural electrification technology and equipment trial-manufacturing for hybrid power generation based on hydropower, as well as human resources training and project demonstration etc., thus finally promoting the Chinese technology in hybrid power generation integrating hydropower, wind and solar power and so on. The setting up of this joint research center will not only make full use of the existing human resources and local materials of Indonesia so as to achieve the technical transfer from China to Indonesia and improve the capacity-building of Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, but also will help the marketing of the rural electrification technology and related E/M equipment overseas and enhance the cooperation between China and the rest world. (2017-06-07)



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