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3.75-MW Dwari Khola small hydro project now operating in Nepal

   ---The 3.75-MW Dwari Khola small hydro project, developed by Bhugol Energy Development Co. (BEDC), is now operating.
Multiple news agencies are reporting that the project has been completed, with a total of INR750 million (US$11.6 million) invested in its construction since the work began three years ago.

   Dwari Khola (Khola means river) is located at Naumule in Dailekh District in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal.

   The headworks are 3 km upstream of the confluence of the Dwari Khola and Lohore Khola, with the powerhouse 300 meters downstream from the confluence.

   BEDC said on its website that construction of Dwari Khola (also called Dwarikhola) will enhance electricity supply, generate local employment opportunities, and generate royalties and revenues. The project is expected to create up to 10 permanent job opportunities for the local people.

   BEDC is focused on the development, operation and maintenance of hydropower plants. It owns and operates Dwari Khola, 4.9-MW Upper Lohore and 4.8-MW Padam Khola.

   BEDC's website indicates the company received a license from the government of Nepal to construct the 15-MW Mayakhola hydro project in Sankhuwasabha district, with an estimated cost of INR3 billion (US$46.3 million).(2017-04-06)




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