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Chairman of Energy Development Council in Nepal Visited HRC and Signed MOU

   ---On 28th October, Mr. Sujit Acharya, Chairman of Energy Development Council in Nepal (hereinafter referred to as EDC) visited HRC. EDC aims at promoting the international cooperation on renewable energy development in Nepal such as hydropower, solar energy, wind power, biomass and so on.

   During the meeting, Prof. Xu Jincai, Director General of HRC, introduced the achievement HRC obtained and the international cooperation carried out in recent years. Both sides showed their deep interest in mutual cooperation on renewable energy and signed a MOU as the conclusion of the meeting.

   Deputy Director of HRC, Prof. Huang Jianping, and staffs from The Division of Foreign Affairs and Training and The New-Tech R & D Center for Medium and Small Hydro attended the meeting.(2016-11-07)




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