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2015 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Francophone African Countries Held Successfully in Hangzhou

   ---Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce and organized by HRC, 2015 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Francophone African Countries was held successfully in Hangzhou from 5 to 25 November. 21 officials from 10 Francophone African Countries include Cameroon, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Morocco, Chad, Niger, Rwanda and Tunisia came to attend the seminar. This is the 80th foreign-aid training program HRC implemented since its establishment. Based on the concerted efforts of all lecturers, participants and HRC training team, this seminar has achieved fruitful results.

   During the seminar, officials listened to the specific lectures covering the hands-on experience and advanced technology in the field of rural electrification. Site visits were also arranged to typical hydropower stations, solar energy stations, wind farms, equipment manufacturers of hydropower, solar and wind energy, which enabled officials to have a comprehensive understanding of the technological level and equipment manufacturing capability of renewable energy including small hydropower and rural electrification development in China. Representatives of each African country also gave the country reports on the subject of rural electrification and discussed the follow-up cooperation with HRC specialists.

   Mr. Fan Aihua, Division Chief of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director General of HRC , and Mr. Huang Jianping, Deputy Director of HRC were present at the closing ceremony. Mr. Fan Aihua and Ms. Cheng Xialei gave the speeches respectively. Monitor of the seminar, Mr. Abdelkrim El Bahaoui, Division Chief of Water Affairs, Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water Resources and Environment, on behalf of all the officials expressed high respect to Ministry of Commerce and HRC, and gave high evaluation and full affirmation to the seminar. Officials sincerely hoped that more cooperation could be conducted with HRC. And by means of the technology and experience in the field of small hydropower and other renewable energies they have learnt in China, they could accelerate the progress of rural electrification in Africa, improve the living standard of local residents, so as to enhance social harmony and promote economic development.(2015-12-01)



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