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2015 Training Workshop on SHP Technology for South and Southeast Asian Countries Inaugurated at HRC

   ---Entrusted by Department of International Cooperation of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, 2015 Training Workshop on SHP Technology for South and Southeast Asian Countries which was co-hosted by HRC and ICSHP inaugurated on 15th September in Hangzhou. 32 officials and technicians in the field of hydropower and energy from 12 countries include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand came to attend the training workshop. This is the 78th foreign-aid training program HRC has implemented since its establishment.

   The grand opening ceremony was held in the Multi-functional hall of HRC. Mr. Feng Zhaoliang, Division Chief, the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ms. Wu Nongdi, Division Chief, the Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, Ministry of Water Resources, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director General of National Research Institute for Rural Electrification (HRC) and Mr. Liu Deyou, Managing Director of International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) were present and delivered the speeches. The opening ceremony was presides over by Mr. Lin Ning, Chief of Division of Foreign Affairs & Training.

   Mr. Feng Zhaoliang pointed out that China is a developing country with a large population and insufficient resources. Over the years, as China has devoted itself to its own development, it has also adhered to providing assistance within its capacity to other developing countries while taking on corresponding international duties. Among them, technical foreign aid has always played an important part. In recent years, China's science and technology has developed rapidly and produced many popular technologies that are highly suitable for meeting the demands of developing countries. We believe that, based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, achievement sharing and protection of intellectual property rights, these appropriate technologies can be promoted through technical training so as to improve the technological capacity of developing countries and accelerate the mutual development of science, technology and the economy.

   Ms. Wu Nongdi, on behalf of the Ministry of Water Resources of People's Republic of China, extended a warm welcome and sincere greetings to all the participants. She said that China has made remarkable strides in SHP development and construction and accumulated abundant experience. China aims to enhance technical communication and cooperation with other developing countries, especially Asian countries, to exchange knowledge and experience, to jointly promote the worldwide development of SHP, and to make a greater contribution to reduce impoverished populations and strive for the early accomplishment of UN Millennium Development Goals.

   Ms. Cheng Xialei and Mr. Liu Deyou gave a brief introduction on HRC and ICSHP and the business they conducted respectively. On behalf of HRC and ICSHP, they express sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Water Resources of China for its continuous support. They pointed out that the training workshop is designated to provide a platform for the South and Southeast Asian Regions to fully discuss and communicate in the field of small hydropower, focusing on the exchange of updated technology and management experience.

   Mr. Vilaysone BOUPHALAD, Deputy Director of Technology and Innovation Department, Lao Ministry of Science and Technology, delivered a speech on behalf of all the participants. He expressed his high respects to Chinese government and briefly introduced the target and policies of SHP and rural electrification development in Laos.

   Other leaders who attended this opening ceremony of the training workshop included Mr. Huo Hongwei, Associate Professor and Researcher of China Science and Technology Exchange Center; Mr. Xu Jincai and Mr. Huang Jianping, Deputy Director of National Research Institute for Rural Electrification(HRC); Ms. Huang Yan, Division Chief of International Center for Small Hydro Power(ICSHP), etc. (2015-09-22)



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