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Seminar on Utilization and Management of Agricultural Water Resources for Chad Held

   ---Entrusted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, HRC conducted the "2015 Seminar on Utilization and Management of Agricultural Water Resources for Chad" in Hangzhou from 2nd to 22nd August, 2015, with the participation of 19 officials from Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Chad. As the 76th training program of HRC, the seminar was a great success with the joint efforts by the whole teaching staff, Chadian participants and HRC's training group.

   During the seminar, the Chinese specialists delivered such lectures as "General Survey of Water Resources in China", "Modernization and Management of Irrigation in China", "Technology in Efficient Utilization, Saving and Irrigation of Agricultural Water Resources", "Low-Pressure Penstock Irrigation Technology", "Anti-Seepage Canals and Ground Water-Saving Technology", "Rain Water Harvesting Technology", "South to North Water Transfer", "Agricultural Water Management Under the Circumstance of Climate Change", etc. and the Chadian representatives also gave a country report about the problems and status of agricultural waters in Chad. After having fully discussed and shared Chinese experience and technologies of agricultural water resources utilization and management, the two sides conducted a profound discussion about future cooperation in the field.

   Besides, Chadian participants paid visits to famous projects or companies such as the well-known Three Gorges Project, South to North Water Transfer, Water Gate at Suzhou River, and the Tiexinqiao Experimental Base of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, Jiangsu Aerospace Hydraulic Equipments Co., Ltd., Ningbo Risen Solar Energy Co., Ltd., etc..They obtained a comprehensive understanding of agricultural water utilization and management in China, and the capacity of equipment manufacturing, thus establishing a solid foundation for future project cooperation.

   Section Chief of Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Fan Aihua, Directrice of HRC, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Vice-Director, Mr. Xu Jincai attended the Closing Ceremony on August 21st. Mr. Fan Aihua and Ms. Cheng Xialei gave speeches respectively which were applauded passionately by the participants. Then, the representative and the chief of the seminar, Mr. Belembaye from Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Chad, gave a thank-you speech on behalf of all participants. He sincerely thanked the support of Ministry of Commerce of China, and all the hard work of HRC staff, and hoped that in the near future, Chinese experts could go to Chad to further share rich experience so to benefit more Chadian participants. (2015-08-28)



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