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Delegates from Fraunhofer Visited HRC

   ---On the afternoon of April 30, 2015, a 3-member delegation from Fraunhofer IOSB headed by Prof. Thomas Rauschenbach, Director of Advanced System Technology (AST) Branch, paid a visit to HRC, and was given a warm reception. Director of HRC Ms. Cheng Xialei, Deputy Director Mr. Xu Jincai, the chiefs and engineers from HRC's affiliated R+D Center, Division of Scientific and Technical Management, and Division of Foreign Affairs and Training, as well as the professors and researchers from Zhejiang University of Technology attended the meeting with the guests from Germany.

   As one of the largest scientific and technical institute in Europe, Fraunhofer has a galaxy of staff over 30,000 all over the world. It has initiated a new plan for developing SHP, so the professional advantage of HRC in SHP drew its earnest attention, and this visit just aimed at establishing an extensive exchange and bilateral cooperation in SHP field.

   At the meeting, the guests made a briefing on Fraunhofer and its sub-institutions, and the progress in the Sino-Germany project "Small Hydropower Plants: Assessment of Climate Protection Potential and Improvement by Smart Technologies" and the project in USA called "Hydropower Production and Marketing under Uncertainty", based on which, an in-depth bilateral discussion was carried out concerning the SHP development and the optimized dispatching. Moreover, one of the scientific and technical supporting projects in the "12th Five-year" Plan undertaken by HRC, i.e. the "Key Technology for Energy Saving and Efficiency Improvement in Rural SHP Stations" was introduced through a presentation titled "Intelligent Optimized Ecological Dispatching for Small Hydropower", which was delivered by a representative from Zhejiang University of Technology, one of the participating units in the above-mentioned project. The research objectives and the achievements focusing on optimized dispatching in the field of SHP have been highly evaluated by the professors from Fraunhofer.

   Based on extensive exchange and in-depth discussion, both the Chinese and German experts believed that there would be a prosperous prospect for the bilateral cooperation in the construction and optimized dispatching of SHP projects.(2015-05-06)



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