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Delegation of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd. visited HRC

   ---On the afternoon of 12th March, the 5-person delegation from Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd. (UEGCL) headed by Eng. Dr. Harrison Mutikanga, CEO of UEGCL, paid a visit to HRC. Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director General of HRC, expressed her warm welcome. She said that HRC maintains long-term friendly relations with Ugandan energy industry, and nearly 20 officials and technicians from Uganda have participated in the training workshops/seminars on SHP technology or rural electrification held by HRC since 2003. In December 2014, three ministers from Uganda, i.e. Ms. NABUGERE Munaaba Flavia, Minister of Environment, Mr. SHINYABULO James Anthony, Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperation and Mr. ARIDRU Ajedra Gadison, Minister of Financial Investment and Economic Development visited HRC, and Dr. Harrison's visit will certainly enhance the friendship and cooperation between HRC and Ugandan side.

   Dr. Harrison appreciated very much the foreign-aid technical training conducted by HRC. He said that the technical training is also one of his priorities. UEGCL owns some hydropower plants but all the operators urgently need to be trained, and the setting-up of a technical training center has been listed in their strategic plan. Dr. Harrison believed that HRC has substantial SHP expertise and rich experience on SHP training. He advised to sign a MOU and invited HRC to help UEGCL establish the training center. In addition, Dr. Harrison warmly invited Ms. Cheng Xialei to visit Uganda and UEGCL.

   Both sides carried out a pleasant communication on China's successful experience on rural electrification and SHP development. Moreover, Ms. Cheng Xialei expressed the confidence to well cooperate with UEGCL on technical training, thus making a joint contribution to the hydropower development and rural electrification in Uganda.

   Accompanied by Director Ms. Cheng Xialei, Deputy Director Dr. Xu Jincai, Division Chief of R&D Center Mr. Dong Dafu, Division Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Mr. Lin Ning and etc., the delegation visited HRC's SHP Engineering Quality Inspection Center and The Lab for SHP New Technology. (2015-03-20)



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