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Technical Seminar on Small Hydropower for ASEAN Countries Held Successfully in Bandung

   ---Sponsored by Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund for South-South Cooperation (PGTF), HRC organized and fulfilled successfully the Technical Seminar on Small Hydropower for ASEAN Countries which was held in Bandung, Indonesia from 8th to 10th December. 14 officials from 8 ASEAN member countries, i.e. Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam attended this significant event. Following the training program conducted by HRC in July of this year with the support of ASEAN-China Cooperation Fund (ACCF), this technical seminar is another funded by the international organization. A 6-member delegation headed by Deputy Director of HRC Mr. Xu Jincai went to Indonesia for undertaking all the work concerned. Much attention and great support have been attached to the seminar by ASEAN Secretariat, Mission of China to ASEAN, and State Electricity Company of Indonesia. All the participants from the ASEAN member countries were selected by ASEAN Secretariat. Mr. Sun Yan, Counsellor of the Mission of China to ASEAN, and Mr. Djoko, Division Chief of New and Renewable Energy of the State Electricity Company of Indonesia were present at the grand opening ceremony and delivered a speech respectively.

   The seminar aimed at providing a platform for the ASEAN member countries and China to fully share technologies and experience for the development of small hydropower, solar energy, and wind power, so as to promote in-depth communication and extensive cooperation among China and the ASEAN member countries in the field of rural electrification and renewable energy. During the seminar, the informative presentations were delivered, inclusive of SHP Development and Rural Electrification in China, China's Small Hydropower Development Types and Technical Features, Technology of Renewable Energy Applied in Rural Area of China, Chinese SHP Equipment & HRC's Overseas Practices, Technical Rehabilitation and Container-type Mini Hydro Technology, SHP Development Practice in Indonesia, and Case Study on Energy Consultation and Development in Thailand, etc., and a field visit was paid to a small hydropower station in the suburb of Bandung. The countries reports were made by the participants, and the in-depth discussions have been carried out cordially about the status quo, problems and prospect of SHP and other renewable energies. Base on technical presentations, field study, in-depth communications and discussions, the Cooperative Initiative on Small Hydropower and Other Renewable Energies between China and ASEAN Member States has been agreed unanimously and signed jointly, laying a good foundation to promote the concrete cooperation on renewable energy in near future. (2014-12-29)



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