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Three Ministers from Uganda Visited HRC

   ---On Nov.5th, at the invitation of Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director General of HRC, a delegation of six officials from Uganda, who are participating in "2014 Ministerial Seminar on Bamboo Industry Development for Developing Countries" in Hangzhou, China, paid a visit to HRC. The delegation includes Ms. NABUGERE Munaaba Flavia, Minister of Environment, Mr. SHINYABULO James Anthony, Minister ofTrade, Industry and Cooperation, and Mr. ARIDRU Ajedra Gadison, Minister of Financial Investment and Economic Development, etc.

   Ms. Cheng Xialei extended a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests from Uganda. Minister Flavia once took part in "Ministerial Seminar on Water Resources and Small Hydropower for Developing Countries" organized by HRC in 2011. Both sides recalled the unforgettable moments from that ministerial seminar in 2011.

   Mr. Lin Ning, Chief of Division of Foreign Affairs and Training, gave a brief introduction about HRC, including basic information, training activities, scientific and technical cooperation and overseas marketing, etc. Afterwards, both sides exchanged ideas on containerized mini hydropower, thehybridgenerating system among hydropower, wind power and solar energy, and therehabilitation of old hydropower plants, etc.

   Uganda is rich in water resources, with an annual mean precipitation of 1174mm. Within its state territory, there are rivers and lakes with torrents and waterfalls, including Victoria Nyanza, world No.2 freshwater lake, Nile river, etc., which are suitable for developing hydropower projects. Currently, Ugandan government attaches great importance to the energy development. Three ministers spoke highly of the technical capability of HRC and advised to sign a MOU to cooperatively carry out some concrete projects.

   The delegation was accompanied by Dr. Ding Xingcui, Chief of Division of International Cooperation of China National Bamboo Research Center. Some of HRC chiefs attended the meeting, including chief engineer from HRC's design institute and chief editor of HRC, etc. (2014-11-24)



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