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2014 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Asian Countries Concluded Successfully

   ---On 18th September, the "2014 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Asian Countries" was concluded successfully. Based on the concerted efforts of all lecturers, 15 officials from 8 Asian countries and HRC training team, this 28-day seminar has achieved fruitful results.

   The closing ceremony was presided over by Mr. Lin Ning, Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Division of HRC. Mr. Fan Aihua, Division Chief from the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, and Mr. Xie Yimin, Deputy Director of HRC, respectively gave an address.

   On behalf of Foreign Aid Department of the Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Fan extended his sincere congratulations on the successful conclusion of the seminar and his heartfelt thanks to HRC for the fulfillment of the mission from the Ministry of Commerce in a scientific and professional way and making immense contributions to the successful end of the seminar. Mr. Fan also showed his respect to all the officials as they had overcome barriers on languages, habits and customs, etc. so as to finish all the seminar courses based on the joint efforts. Mr. Fan emphasized that "¡­¡­China is a nation with the most neighboring countries in the world. There is an old Chinese saying, a near neighbor is better than a distant cousin. China has long been devoted to developing a friendly relationship with its neighboring countries and creating a peaceful and harmonious international and neighboring atmosphere together with other Asian countries ¡­¡­I hope that all the officials would take this seminar as an opportunity and platform, as a bridge, to promote the friendship between Chinese people and the people in your countries. Through this, we can strengthen the economic and trade cooperation, as well as the cultural and technical exchange among the Asian countries, and promote the development of SHP and other renewable energies so that we can make our own contributions to economic growth, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and common progress. Furthermore, it is highly expected that we will jointly promote the economic development and ever-lasting peace of Asian countries through the extensive communication and cooperation in the fields of renewable energy and rural electrification. Let us work together to make the sky brighter, the water cleaner and the mountains greener."

   Mr. Xie Yimin, on behalf of HRC, conveyed his warm congratulations to all the officials on their achievements, and also expressed his sincere thanks to the officials for their earnest attitudes and friendly cooperation shown during the seminar. He mentioned that HRC had been greatly encouraged by all the high evaluations from the officials and surely would spare no effort to be better and better in future. It was also expected that after returning to their respective countries, all the officials would play more important roles in promoting the utilization of local SHP and other renewable energies and the development of rural electrification. Mr. Xie warmly welcomed the officials to revisit HRC, "the family of SHP in the world", and make joint efforts to promote more concrete cooperation among the Asian countries.

   On behalf of all the Asian officials, the monitor, Mr. Raza from the Ministry of Water and Power, Pakistan, delivered an emotional speech, extending their profound gratitude to the Chinese Government and sincere appreciation to HRC. He said: "¡­¡­ As a matter of fact, it is with mutual efforts that this significant seminar became successful. Now the hard work bears fruits. Everyone in the class has gained a lot from the lectures and study tours. So when we enjoy the fruits, we must not forget the efforts behind. Our special thanks to the chief coordinator for foreign affairs and trainings of HRC and his working team who showed their great concerns to us from the beginning to the end and whose cooperation always remained with us at each and every step¡­¡­I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the faculty members and the guest speakers because their lectures benefited us so much that they refreshed our learning, upgraded our technical methods, and widened our scope of knowledge¡­¡­This one-month seminar has proven not only to be a ladder for our academic advancement but it is also an eye opener to an exotic foreign life. We have enjoyed ourselves here to have a close look of Chinese people and the China. And their hard work and determination should be admired and followed, how they developed in the last 30 years in all walks of life£ºroad structures, high speed train, communication, health, defence, energy especially hydropower, wind and solar etc¡­¡­We looked around Hangzhou and its various attractions, Shanghai and its beauties, Three Gorges project and its associated fascinations, and lot of other beautiful locations and vicinities. All of these left a deep impression on us. It is no wonder that we all bear a hope in our minds. We have lived here and dearly want to revisit here someday to have a look at the place we have lived and to refresh and continue what we learned in this wonderful place and to be again with the wonderful, kind and cooperative management and faculty of the HRC¡­¡­ "

   With the solemn national anthems of all the participating countries, the leaders of Chinese side awarded the certificates from the Ministry of Commerce to the Asian officials. The division chief Mr. Lin presented the delicate souvenirs from HRC to the monitor and the two vice-monitors who had made good coordination services for the class.

   At the time to say goodbye, we recalled what the monitor mentioned in his speech: "We are leaving HRC; however, it is not an ending but a new beginning¡­¡­ May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warmly on your face, May the rain fall softly on your field, And until we meet again!" ---- HRC will continuously make unremitting efforts together with the participants in promoting the utilization of SHP and other renewable energies and the development of rural electrification in Asian countries. (2014-09-24)



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