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2014 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Asian Countries Inaugurated at HRC

   ---Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), HRC conducts the 2014 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Asian Countries with the participation of 15 officials from the fields of energy and rural electrification in 8 countries, i.e. Indonesia, Jordan, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine and Sri Lank. The 28-day seminar, kicking off on 22nd August and accomplishing on 18th September, is the 69th China-aid training program implemented by HRC since its establishment.

   The opening ceremony of the seminar was held at the multifunctional hall of HRC. Director Ms. Cheng Xialei, Deputy Directors Mr. Xu Jincai and Mr. Huang Jianping extended the warm welcome to all the participants who came all the way here for the significant event.

   In her speech, Director Cheng pointed out: "ˇ­ˇ­In recent years, the world economy has entered an era of restructuring and transformation. Asia is also facing big challenges like the adjustment of economic structure and the transformation of economic development mode. In terms of development trend, Asia is to take a prominent role in the world economy and international relation in the 21st century. In all economic entities, Asia takes the first place in the growth in energy demand, with an annual increase of 4%. As estimated, the total energy demand of Asia will have been doubled by 2020. That is to say, the key to maintaining a continued growth of Asia's economy lies in energy. However, Asia is currently experiencing some difficulties in energy development, which mainly includes decentralized energy market, old infrastructure, lack of transparency in energy policies and lack of power in energy pricing etc.. What's more, the climate change is also becoming a grave challenge to human kind. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that allows people to live shall be less than 550ppm, but this value has exceeded 400ppm right now. There is not much time and room left for people to cope with the problem brought by climate change, and Asia and the world at large shall jointly take the responsibility to address the issue of climate change. For Asia and the world, strengthened cooperation and innovation as well as building-up of a low-carbon society is the effective way to the solution to energy problem and sustainable development of the societyˇ­ˇ­"

   The seminar is designated to provide a platform for Asian countries to fully discuss and communicate in the field of rural electrification and the development of SHP, wind power and solar energy, focusing on the exchange of updated technology and management practice. Director Cheng sincerely wished the seminar a fruitful success, making the contribution to the rural electrification in the Asian countries.

   Mr.Senarathna Banda, Chief Electrical Engineer of Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka, delivered a speech on behalf of all the participants: "ˇ­ˇ­ It is a great pleasure to deliver a few words on behalf of the participants from the different countries of the Asia to the Seminar on Rural Electrification for Asian countries. Firstly, I pay my gratitude to the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China for organizing this timely important event. People who live without electricity in rural area demand electricity more than anything else. Because they know that, the electricity can boost their lives immensely. The challenge faced by the Governments of developing country like Sri Lanka, is the lack of the hydropower resources at present to generate electricity economically in mass scale. The cost of thermal energy is high and in the long run it gives environmental problems. The nuclear power generation is still a dream for most of the countries. Then, to provide electricity at economical rate, what is the best other option? The options we have are mini hydro, micro hydro and other renewable energies like solar and wind. The opportunity of participating in this seminar is to get knowledge about hydro power developments, renewable energy development and the expertise and equipment which China posses in this regard. We all know that, the country China is one of the most powerful countries in the world today. Though they are self sufficient, it is very much appreciable that, the Government of China has not forgotten to keep close relationship between neighboring developing countries and help hand to develop them. It is very good quality of a true leader in the region. It is our duty and responsibility to gather as much as knowledge and information about the rural electrification and renewable energy and practice the same in our countries. Finally, on behalf of all the participants from different countries of Asia, I thank the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, HRC and the supporting staff for organizing and inviting us to this very important seminar. Thank you and wish all the success for rest the seminar."

   During the coming 4 weeks, the informative presentations will be delivered to the participants and the field visits will be paid to the typical power stations and the equipment manufacturers of small hydropower, wind power and solar energy. Moreover, the in-depth discussion will be carried out cordially among HRC professionals and the participants from Asian countries, with concerns about the further international cooperation on rural electrification and renewable energy development. (2014-08-26)



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