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ASEAN-China Training Workshop on Small Hydropower and Solar Energy System for Rural Electrification Concluded Successfully

   ---On 18 July, the "ASEAN-China Training Workshop on Small Hydropower and Solar Energy System for Rural Electrification" was concluded successfully. Based on the concerted efforts of all lecturers, the officials from the ASEAN member countries and HRC training team, this one-week training workshop has achieved fruitful results.

   The grand ceremony was held in HRC's multi-functional hall. Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC, Mr. Xu Jincai, Deputy Director of HRC, and the officials from 7 ASEAN member countries attended the ceremony. Ms. Cheng made an overall summary for the activities and achievements of the training workshop, and on behalf of HRC, she expressed her sincere thanks to the officials for their earnest attitudes and friendly cooperation shown during the training workshop. Although the training workshop was short with a tight schedule, it was very productive. The presentations were informative and practical in the field of renewable energy development and rural electrification in China. Field visits were paid to the typical power stations and the equipment manufacturers of small hydropower and solar energy. Moreover, an in-depth discussion on cooperation has been carried out cordially, and the Initiative on China-ASEAN SHP/Solar Energy Cooperation has been agreed unanimously, which, no doubt, will strongly strengthen the mutual understandings and greatly promote the long-term cooperation among all the participating countries in the field of SHP and other renewable energies.

   Mr. Anucha Anantasan, Director of Operation and Maintenance Division, Bureau of Alternative Energy Development, the Ministry of Energy of Thailand, delivered a speech on behalf of all the participants, highly evaluating the considerate organization and achievements of the training course and calling for more joint efforts of the participants for future cooperation -- "We know there is only one world and we know it dies, we die. So we still have time to change for the better world, for our future". All the other participants also spoke at the ceremony, extending their gratitudes to the Chinese government and the ASEAN Secretariat for the great support and to HRC for the meticulous arrangement and kind hospitality, sincerely hoping that more concrete cooperation would be undertaken in the field of renewable energy and rural electrification.

   With the solemn national anthems of all the participating ASEAN member countries, Director Cheng Xialei and Deputy Director Xu Jincai awarded the certificates to officials from the ASEAN member countries. Based on the successful fulfillment of the training workshop, it is highly expected that the China-ASEAN cooperation in the field of SHP and solar energy will have a prosperous prospect. (2014-07-22)



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