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2014 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Francophone African Countries Concluded Successfully

   ---On 12th June, a sunny day in Hangzhou, the "2014 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Francophone African Countries" was concluded successfully. Based on the concerted efforts of all lecturers, African officials and HRC training team, this 28-day seminar has achieved fruitful results.

   The grand ceremony was held in HRC's multi-functional hall. Mr. Fan Aihua, Division Chief from the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC, Mr. Xu Jincai and Mr. Huang Jianping, Deputy Directors of HRC, and 23 officials from 13 countries attended the ceremony.

   Mr. Lin Ning, Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Division of HRC, presided over the ceremony. Mr. Fan Aihua and Ms. Cheng Xialei gave an address respectively.

   On behalf of Foreign Aid Department of the Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Fan extended his sincere congratulations on the successful conclusion of the seminar and his heartfelt thanks to HRC for the fulfillment of the mission from the Ministry of Commerce in a scientific and professional way and making immense contributions to the successful end of the seminar. Mr. Fan also showed his respect to all the officials as they had overcome barriers on languages, habits and customs, etc. so as to finish all the seminar courses based on the joint efforts. Mr. Fan mentioned that China is the largest developing country, and in recent years, while striving for its own development, Chinese government attaches great importance to the political, cultural and technical exchange, as well as the economic and commercial cooperation with other countries in the world, especially with the African countries. Moreover, Chinese government further intensifies the exchange and cooperation of all domains in the full extent. In May of this year, Chinese Primer Mr. Li Keqiang delivered a keynote speech at the 2014 World Economic Forum on Africa and emphasized that "The Chinese cooperation with African countries is sincere and open. For the advanced and applicable technologies and managerial expertise developed by China, we are ready to share with African countries without reservation ¡­¡­There is a saying in China ---- When united with one-hearten mind, success will be secured ---- We are ready to fully ahead with African countries, treat each other with sincerity and equality, jointly scale new heights, realize economic take-off for African development and make even great contribution to the world peace, prosperity and progress". Meanwhile, Mr. Fan introduced to the officials the achievements made by Zhejiang Province since China's reform and opening up, and he hoped the officials would often come back to Zhejiang as to strengthen the ties with HRC, exchange technology and share experience, and promote cooperation in the field of SHP and other renewable energies as well as rural electrification, so as to realize the common progress of all the developing countries.

   Ms. Cheng made an overall summary for the activities and achievements of the seminar, and on behalf of HRC, she conveyed her warm congratulations to all the officials on their achievements, and also expressed her sincere thanks to the officials for their earnest attitudes and friendly cooperation shown during the seminar. Ms. Cheng mentioned that HRC had been greatly encouraged by all the high evaluations from the officials and surely would spare no effort to be better and better in future. It was also expected that after returning to their respective countries, all the officials would play more important roles in promoting the utilization of local SHP and other renewable energies and the development of rural electrification. Ms. Cheng warmly welcomed the officials to revisit HRC, "the family of SHP in the world", and keep contact with HRC, so as to strengthen communications and carry out more concrete cooperation between China and the African countries.

   On behalf of all the African officials, the monitor, Dr. Ango from the Gabonese Ministry of Energy, delivered an emotional speech, extending their profound gratitude and sincere appreciation to HRC for the kind hospitality, the brotherly care and the great assistance during the whole seminar period. The professionalism and dedication of HRC training team ensured the successful implementation of the project and the seminar acted as an excellent platform for international exchange which was highly evaluated by all the officials. Dr. Ango also expressed that electric power is of great significance at present and African countries are facing various challenges. The Chinese government makes great contribution to promoting the development of African countries, including the fulfillment of this seminar, fastening development of the rural electrification in African countries, improving the living standards of the local people, enhancing the social harmonies, promoting the economic development, and cultivating talents for the participating countries. The African officials sincerely hoped to have cooperation with China for popularizing the advanced technology in the field of SHP and other renewable energies and increasing the access to electrification. In order to strengthen the potential cooperation in future, the officials proposed to set up a network for HRC's African trainees. To conclude, Dr. Ango expressed the thankfulness once more, paid a high tribute to great Chinese people and wished a long life of Sino-African cooperation. An enthusiastic applause broke out in the hall.

   With the solemn national anthems of all the participating African countries, the leaders of Chinese side awarded the certificates from the Ministry of Commerce to the African officials. The division chief Mr. Lin presented the delicate souvenirs from HRC to the monitor and the two vice-monitors who had made good coordination services for the class.

   At the time to say goodbye, we wish the friendship between China and Africa is perpetual! In the years to come, HRC will continuously make unremitting efforts together with African colleagues in promoting the utilization of SHP and other renewable energies and the development of rural electrification in African countries. (2014-06-18)



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