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An International Friendly Football Match Organized by HRC

   ---On the morning of 24th May, an exciting international friendly football match took place between the HRC Staff Team (HST) and the International Officials Team (IOT) composed of the participants of 2014 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Francophone African Countries, aiming to enrich the spare time activities of participants and enhance the sincere friendship between HRC staff and the international officials.

   That was really an attractive event proceeded in a sunny and beautiful day, and all the players fully presented their passion, power and skills. The competitive race and the wonderful goals were given enthusiastic ovations and cheers from the crowd. Especially in the second half of the match, the participation of Ms. Cabi, an official from Guinea-Bissau was loudly applauded. Finally, after 90-minute intense competition, the football match ended successfully with a score of 3:3.

   The high spirit, huge enthusiasm, superb skills and harmonious cooperation of all the players were so impressive, and the happy and vivid memories about this football match would be kept by HRC staff and the international officials for all time. (2014-05-28)



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