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Director of Songhai Center in Benin Visited HRC

   ---Dr. Grodfrey Nzamujo, Director of Songhai Center in Benin visited HRC during April 10-11, 2014. Prof. Xu Jincai, Deputy Director of HRC greeted the delegation and held a meeting for cooperation in renewable energy and distributed power supply system.

   As a famous NGO, Songhai Center is headquartered in Benin and has several branch offices in Nigeria and other African countries. It is committed to eradicating the poverty in Africa by means of developing industry, agriculture and education etc. The visiting purpose of Dr. Grodfrey Nzamujo is looking for a hybrid power generation system of renewable energies, which integrates small hydropower, solar energy and biogas etc. in an endeavor to alleviate power shortage in African countries.

   HRC presented its R&D results in renewable energy development and distributed power-supply system and exchanged ideas with each other. A visit was also arranged to the Smart Grid System Lab of Zhejiang University. Songhai Center plans to establish a long-term cooperative partnership with HRC for the development of rural renewable energies, and popularize the related technology and electromechanical equipment in Benin and other African countries. (2014-04-21)



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