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Peruvian Customer Visited HRC for Cooperation on Solar Power Technology and Equipment

   ---During Nov. 29th to Dec. 5th 2013, a Peruvian delegation composed of Mr. Luis H.V.V., General Manager of Crovisa SAC and the technical supervisor Mr. Jose R.V. visited HRC for cooperation on solar power technology and equipment. Their visit concluded with a contract with Hangzhou Yatai (an affiliated company of HRC) for 8 sets of solar PV water pumping systems, which will be used to draw water for residents on an island of Peru.

   Mr. Luis H.V.V. is one of old friends and long-term business partners of HRC in Peru, with whom HRC has cooperated to supply and installed a complete set of electromechanical equipment for two hydropower stations. The newly signed contract for solar PV water pumping systems has ushered in a new opportunity for cooperation between the two parties to jointly expand the market of solar PV power generating system in Peru.(2013-12-26)

Contract Signing for Equipment Supply



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