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Officers of Bluemoon Fund of United States, and Global Environmental Institute visited HRC

   ---On Jun. 26th, 2013, HRC warmly welcomed a group of officers from Bluemoon Fund of United States, and Global Environmental Institute during their visit to HRC.

   In the discussion, the vice-president of Bluemoon Fund introduced briefly about their project status in Myanmar. Myanmar is adjacent to China, and has plenty of exploitable natural resources. But due to various reasons, Myanmar's economic development of the past ten years is relatively slow, the residents' electrification rate is still low, and the country lacks hydropower technicians while its exploitable hydroelectric resources are rich.

   The Division Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training, Mr. Pan Daqing, introduced HRC's achievements and advantages in implementing the international small hydropower training programs, and expressed the intention that HRC would like to cooperate with Bluemoon Fund and Global Environmental Institute in providing SHP technical training and consulting service for Myanmar. The Deputy Chief Engineer of HRC, Mr. Lin Xuxin, also made exchanges of international SHP consulting service and cooperation mode with our guests.

   The guests said that the visit was a great success, as HRC was exactly what they were looking for as a future cooperative partner. They looked forward to carrying out some specific SHP projects cooperation, gaining mutual benefits and win-win results in the near future.(2013-07-03)



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