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2013 Seminar on Rural Electrification for Developing Countries Concluded Successfully

   ---On 5th June, a sunshiny day in Hangzhou, the 2013 "Seminar on Rural Electrification for Developing Countries" concluded successfully.

   Based on the concerted efforts of all lecturers, international officials and HRC training team, this 28-day seminar has achieved fruitful results.

   The grand ceremony was held in HRC's multi-functional hall. Mr. Fan Aihua, Division Chief from Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC, Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, Honorary Director of HRC, and 20 officials from 12 countries attended the ceremony.

   Mr. Pan Daqing, Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Division of HRC, presided over the ceremony. Mr. Fan Aihua, Ms. Cheng Xialei and Professor Zhu gave an address respectively.

   On behalf of Foreign Aid Department of the Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Fan extended his sincere congratulations on the successful conclusion of the seminar and his heartfelt thanks to HRC for the fulfillment of the mission from the Ministry of Commerce in a scientific and professional way and making immense contributions to the successful conclusion of the seminar. Mr. Fan also expressed his respect to all the officials as they had overcome barriers on languages, habits and customs, etc. to finish all the seminar courses based on the joint efforts. Meanwhile, Mr. Fan introduced to the officials the achievements made by Zhejiang Province since China's reform and opening up, and he hoped that the officials would often go back to Zhejiang to take a look at the view, strengthen the contact and communication with HRC, exchange technology and share experience, and promote cooperation in the field of SHP and the other renewable energies, so as to realize the common progress of all the developing countries.

   On behalf of HRC, Ms. Cheng sent the warm congratulation to all the officials on their achievements proved by the certificates from the Ministry of Commerce of China, and she also expressed her sincere thanks to the officials for their earnest attitude and friendly cooperation shown during the seminar. Ms. Cheng mentioned that HRC had been greatly encouraged by all the high evaluations from the officials and surely would spare no effort to be better and better in future. It was also expected that after returning to their respective countries, all the officials would play more important roles in promoting the local SHP development and rural electrification. Ms. Cheng warmly welcomed the officials to revisit HRC and keep contact with HRC, so as to strengthen communications and carry out more concrete cooperation in the field of SHP as well as other renewable energies.

   Following Director Cheng's summarized speech for the seminar, Mr. Zhu addressed. He talked about several enlightening points for the reference of the officials, and congratulated the officials for having chance to personally and directly contact the concrete matters and facts and details in addition to all the generalized figures and abstract ideas from the lectures. It's believed that this understanding should be helpful in enhancing the determination and confidence of promoting R.E. in the countries of the officials. Furthermore, it should be of no doubt that China could be a trusted, moderate and pragmatic partner of developing countries, and it's expected that the blossom of the friendship would bear fruit in the near future.

   On behalf of all the officials, Mr. Nikolasi, an engineer from Tonga Power Ltd. delivered a speech. He said with emotion: "----I would like to start by thanking the Ministry of Commerce for entrusting the Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power with holding this Seminar. To Madam Cheng and all the directors and honorary directors and all the lecturers throughout the Seminar, thank you so much for a wonderful opportunity to come and learn from the best in the field of Small Hydro Power. I think I represent all my fellow participants when I say I hope we can make the most of all the knowledge you have shared with us. ---- I would like to express my gratitude to all the businesses and operations staff at all the different manufacturing factories and hydro facilities that we visited, hey always warmly welcomed us and showed us the wears of all their hard work. The Three Gorges dam is something that I think none of the participants will ever forget. Hopefully we can work more closely with them in the near future. ---- The biggest thank you goes out to the Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Mr. Pan and your wonderful team (Ms. Shen, Ms. Shi, Alice, Estella and Stephanie), thank you so much for all of your tireless work in organizing this Seminar, for making us feel at home when we are so far away from home, for doing your best to make sure that our stomachs are always full, for teaching us about Chinese culture, for showing us so many of the wonderful things in China, and for taking us to all the supermarkets we could ever dream of visiting. I don't think I can express how thankful we all are that you have always been there to help and most importantly translate for us when needed". Finally, Mr. Nikolasi spoke to his fellow participants: "we all share a common goal in striving to develop our respective nations. Please utilize all the knowledge and information that has been gifted to you this past month to the best of your abilities. I hope the friendships that have developed from this Seminar will continue to grow and that we can all continue to work together. I hope that we will all see each other againˇ­ˇ­".

   To enthusiastic applauses, Mr. Fan, on behalf of Foreign Aid Department of the Ministry of Commerce, awarded the certificates to all the officials. Mr. Pan presented souvenirs to the officials who made the best coordination services for the class.

   On 6th and 7th of June, officials would be leaving China successively for their home countries. At the time before departure, everyone cherished a good wish: Long live the sincere friendship! (2013-06-07)



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