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Distinguished Delegation from Chile Visited HRC

   ---On 16 November, accompanied by Ms. Dai Aiping, Division Chief, Department of Foreign Affairs of Zhejiang Province, the 10-member delegation from Chile headed by Ms. Felisa Ojeda V., Governor of Ays¨¦n Province, paid a visit to HRC. The Director of HRC Ms. Cheng Xialei, the Deputy Directors Mr. Xu Jincai and Mr. Huang Jianping delivered a warm welcome to the guests in the hall.

   During the friendly bilateral meeting, Director Cheng and Governor Felisa addressed respectively.

   Director Cheng said:"HRC is a national research institute specializing in small hydropower and we also serve as a world-wide window for international small hydropower cooperation. Small hydropower is a renewable energy which has been universally recognized by the international society and embraces the obvious advantages of rich resources, proven technology, economic cost, flexible electric dispatching and high energy return rate. The SHP development in orderly manner and its sustainable utilization have played a very important role in reducing the greenhouse gases emission, protecting the forest and the vegetation, improving production and living conditions for rural population and contributing considerably to the rural economic and social development ˇ­ˇ­ As we know, Chile is a beautiful country with comparatively large potential of hydropower development. Since Chinese small hydropower has its unique characteristics in terms of development and utilization, our center HRC would like to make contribution to the promotion of hydropower development in Chile. We hope that your honored visiting can deepen the mutual understanding and promote the bilateral cooperation in the field of small hydropower".

   According to the speech of Governor Felisa, Chile is rich in water resources and the government also attaches an importance to hydropower development. In Ays¨¦n Province, there are many rivers and lakes; however, due to lack of the experience concerned, they hope to be informed of the achievements and experience of hydropower development in China.

   The delegation members took great interests in listening "HRC Briefing" and "SHP Development in China", and asked questions respectively. An in-depth discussion was held and the guests from Chile suggested that a MOU would be signed with HRC and the concrete cooperative projects were expected to be carried out in near future.

   After the meeting, on behalf of HRC, Director Cheng presented the souvenirs to the delegation, and a group photo was taken to mark the productive visit. (2012-12-20)



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