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2012 Training Workshop on Small Hydropower Technology for Developing Countries Concludes Successfully

   ---With the concerted efforts of all teachers, international participants and HRC training team, "Training Workshop on Small Hydropower Technology for Developing Countries", the 45-day foreign-aid training program entrusted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, ended with full success. The closing ceremony was held successfully on July 6, 2012.

   The grand completion ceremony was held in HRC's multi-functional hall. Mr. Fan Aihua, Division Chief from Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC, Mr. Zhu Xiaozhang, Honorary Director of HRC, Mr. Xu Jincai, Deputy Director, Mr. Huang Jianping, Deputy Director, and 24 participants from 17 countries attended the ceremony.

   Mr. Pan Daqing, Chief of Foreign Affairs and Training Division of HRC, presided over the completion ceremony. Mr. Fan Aihua, Division Chief from Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province, Ms. Cheng Xialei, Director of HRC and Professor Zhu gave an address respectively. On behalf of Foreign Aid Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Fan expressed his warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the training workshop, his heartfelt thanks to HRC for its satisfactory execution of the foreign-aid training task entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce and his deep respect to all participants for their abundant accomplishments achieved through assiduous efforts.

   Mr. Fan also introduced to the participants the great achievements made by Zhejiang Province since China's reform and opening up. Meanwhile, he warmly invited the participants to often go back to Zhejiang to take a look at the view, strengthen the contact and communication with HRC, strengthen the cooperation and exchange in the field of small hydropower with China, and expand continuously new areas of cooperation.

   Ms. Cheng made a detailed review and a comprehensive summary of the implementation process of the training project and its abundant accomplishments. She also expressed, on behalf of HRC, her sincere thanks to all the participants for their seriousness and friendly cooperation shown during the training, and welcomed the students to revisit HRC in the future, which is known as " Home of the World's Small hydropower". Professor Zhu said he believed that through 45 days of professional training and field trips, participants had laid a solid foundation for future progress and the ample communication had facilitated consensus and strengthened trust. Professor Zhu also expressed his expectation of more concrete cooperation.

   The warm addresses given by the leaders drew loud applauses. On behalf of all the participants, one of the monitor, Mr. Ramesh from Nepal delivered an emotional speech:"We are very grateful to Ministry Of Commerce of People's Republic of China and Hangzhou Regional Center (Asia-Pacific) for Small Hydropower for giving us this opportunity to participate in Training Workshop on Small Hydropower Technology for Developing Countries. We 24 trainees from 17 countries stayed with 1.3 billion of you for 45 days from May 23rd,2012 to July 6th 2012¡­¡­We are grateful to all resource persons from HRC and other organizations. We are also thankful to all the staff of homely Ruidi Hotel and restaurant. Our special thanks go to Division of Foreign Affairs and Training team of HRC. You are so caring especially when we were not feeling well. We are sure you gave us your best so that we never had time to feel homesick¡­¡­We made some friends here. May be for the first time in our lives we realized how we can be so friendly with someone without speaking each other¡¯s languages. We expressed a lot through our eyes to eyes and smiles to smiles. Language is not always a barrier for friendship. We are emotionally and psychologically closer with Chinese people¡­¡­During this training period we shared, learnt and saw many of your experiences and technical know-how in SHP and other fields. With the knowledge you imparted to us we are sure that we will be able to contribute in the development of SHP and water management in our countries¡­¡­Many of your developments in the fields of flood control, irrigation and small hydropower are visionary, inspiring and enlightening to all of us and to those who will understand your spirits through us in our home countries. We are witnesses to your achievements in space and deep sea. We sincerely thank all of you for the useful lectures, study tours to SHP plants, industries, university, villages, sightseeing and shopping. This training will help strengthen friendship between China and our countries¡­¡­When we go back to our countries we will make every effort to be connected with you for further cooperation. The world is looking forward to you for every cooperation. We need you ¡­¡­We would like to see China become mightier¡­¡­With your tremendous developments in SHP and water management and many other fields we can see that no one needs to feed China."

   The speech of Mr. Ramesh was concluded with a passionate cheer:"We love China and Chinese people!" ---- Let's make joint efforts to create a more wonderful future.

   In the cheerful sound of music, Mr. Fan, Division Chief from Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province, awarded the exquisite certificate of completion to all participants on behalf of Foreign Aid Department of the Ministry of Commerce. The participants were all in high spirits. Hard work finally paid off!

From July 6 to July 8, participants would be leaving China successively for their home countries. At this time of departure, we could not bear to say farewells with still so many words to say. Let us shake hands once again, with tears in our eyes representing the unforgettable friendship and best wishes filling our hearts. Let us look forward to reunion! To future cooperation! (2012-07-16)




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